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March 2017

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ESL Woes

Title: ESL Woes
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Humor, General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Character: Jodie Starling
Word Count: 109
Rating: G
Original Publish Date: December 19, 2016 (for Lonely Prompts Week on comment_fic)
Disclaimer: Aoyama Gosho owns the rights to Detective Conan, but he's cool with fans writing fanfiction, yay!
Notes: Written for amai_kaminari's prompt, "any, any, BFF", and with_rainfall's gen-fic meta challenge.
Summary: Jodie's attempt at teaching her students English slang.

[ESL Woes]As part of her mission to be the best high-school English teacher in Japan possible, Jodie made it a point to teach her students some actual English slang, even though it wasn't part of the curriculum. "Now, class, who can tell me what BFF means?"

The normally enthusiastic Class 2-B fell into silence for a few minutes, until finally, one of her students hesitatingly shot an arm into the air and said in heavily accented English, "Burger and fries forever?"

Jodie feigned a smile to hide her dismay (though she had to admit that was a very creative answer). Oh, boy, she had a lot of work to do.

There's a burger place in my country (not in my city, though) called BFF: Burger and Fries Forever, so guess where my brain went. *sweatdrops* I would have written an actual friendship fic, but "BFF" was too vague of a prompt for me. *is shot* Maybe someday I'll try a more serious attempt at Jodie's undercover high-school English teacher days, but I just had to make that joke, sorry. :P

Oh, and in case anyone reading doesn't know what ESL is, it stands for English as a Second Language.