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March 2017

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Yusaku and Yukiko - Crazy Folks

The Dangerous History of a Female Police Officer (Five Sentence Ficlets: Detective Conan)

Title: The Dangerous History of a Female Police Officer
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Action, Crime, General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Claim: General Series – Fujimine Yukiko, with a cameo by a young Yamamura Misao
Table/Theme: Table 1, Theme 19 – Just the beginning
Rating: G
Word Count: 177
Original Publish Date: July 5, 2011
Disclaimer: I don't—and never will—own Detective Conan, no matter how many characters from the series I claim in various blogcrews. Aoyama Gosho is the lucky dude who does.
Notes: References Volume 14 and Episode 90, but no spoilers.
Summary: It was the film that changed Yamamura Misao's life forever.

An unshaven middle-aged man of average build was running across Tokyo, smirking and confidently thinking to himself, There's no way you can catch me, you incompetent fool—

"Not so fast, mister; you're under arrest for murder," said a pretty sandy-haired policewoman, as she aimed her pistol at the culprit.

"Not if I can get away with it," he snarled back, surveying his surroundings for a possible escape route, but—surprise, surprise!—he was surrounded by the police, all of them carrying pistols and aiming at him; it turned out that they were disguised as passers-by—such sneaks!

"There's no escaping now," she continued, carefully approaching as she was still aiming the pistol at him; once she was close enough, she immediately cuffed him, making some speech about justice always prevailing and the importance of life.

As the ending credits of the film started to play, a young elementary-school student named Yamamura Misao waxed ecstatic to his parents, "Dad! Mom! Wasn't Yukiko-san just awesome?! I want to be a policeman when I grow up!"

Me, posting on a regular basis (if posting every other month is considered such)?! Well, isn't that a shocker? (Now, if only I could do the same for my other theme comms/fic projects. . . .)

This fic is my first attempt at writing action, and I must say, it's hard, especially in the context of this challenge (and I had to save the last sentence for Yamamura, too!). I actually considered using long, winding sentences (as if my sentences aren't long enough!), but it didn't seem to suit the genre. Ah well. And yes, the title of this fic is the same as the title of the film which it references; shoot me for my unoriginality (pun intended).

So that's five down, twenty to go (for Table One). This series has such a big cast, I'm tempted to do another one if I ever finish this. . . . We'll see. Oh, and if you can, please support my helpthesouth fic-request threads here and here)! Until next time!