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The Orchid Forest

Ran-dezvous' Fanfiction ~ where plunnies grow like trees

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(Banner made by kimkhanh for me! Thank you! ♥)

Hello everyone, and welcome to theorchidforest! This is where I dump all my fanfiction; you may also find it at my fanfiction.net account. Original works (or whatever little I have of them) would most likely be dumped with my personal entries at ran_dezvous. I've only written for the anime/manga series Detective Conan so far, but we'll never know! ^__^

Friend and you will most definitely be added back!
(And if I know you're a fellow fanfic writer, I'll link you up! Hurry! Limited slots only!)

Reviews are loved (especially constructive criticism), although not necessary. If you do decide to drop a review, however, it is appreciated if you would place the title and chapter number (if applicable to the fic in the subject line. It makes looking through my mail a bit easier, okay?

You may send me FANFIC or WRITING related e-mail at randezvous1990@gmail.com. It's not my primary e-mail address (it's hidden), so it may take a while for me to see that. My real e-mail (and my instant messaging screenames) can be seen by my friends in my primary journal. If we're close or know me in real life, fine, you may use my real e-mail add.

Requests? I don't know . . . it could take me a while to get back to them. ^^*

I'm currently working on the following theme comm challenges:
1. Kudou Shinichi and Mouri Ran for 30_tears
2. Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko for 30_friends
3. Mouri Ran for 30_flowers (but I'll try to do all 100 themes)

Enjoy your stay!

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