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February 2017

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Conan and Ai - Defend

Unimpressed (#7, Five Sentence Ficlets: Detective Conan)

Title: Unimpressed
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Humor, General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Claim: General Series – Furuya Rei | Amuro Tooru and the Detective Boys (Haibara Ai, Kojima Genta, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, and Yoshida Ayumi)
Table/Theme: Table 1, Theme 1 – Melts in the mouth
Rating: G
Word Count: 85
Original Publish Date: October 26, 2016 (at comment_fic)
Disclaimer: I don't—and never will—own Detective Conan, no matter how many characters from the series I claim in various blogcrews. Aoyama Gosho is the lucky dude who does.
Notes: prisca1960's meta-challenge was five-sentence fic, so I figured I'd do double duty and combine prompts; they're related, anyway. The prompt provided by withasmile87 was "any, any, chocolate fudge."
Summary: Amuro's chocolate fudge was huge hit with the Detective Boys, save for one other person, that is.

[Ficlet #7: Unimpressed]"This chocolate fudge's absolutely melting in my mouth!" exclaimed Genta, his mouth full of the indulgent, sinful brown decadence, not caring at all about society's mandate to not talk with food in one's mouth.

"This is a great addition to Poirot's menu!" added Mitsuhiko.

"Amuro-san's such a great cook!" gushed Ayumi.

"Why, thank you—"

"It's a decent enough chocolate fudge, I guess," Ai blandly remarked, casting a snarky glance at the dark-skinned barista before slicing off another piece of her dessert with her fork.

Is it bad I actually had to look up what chocolate fudge was? *sweatdrops*