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March 2017

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A Deadly Question (#6, Five Sentence Ficlets: Detective Conan)

Title: A Deadly Question
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Humor, Family, General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Claim: General Series – Miyano Atsushi and Miyano Akemi
Table/Theme: Table 1, Theme 5 – Death and taxes
Rating: PG
Word Count: 129
Original Publish Date: February 16, 2017
Disclaimer: I don't—and never will—own Detective Conan, no matter how many characters from the series I claim in various blogcrews. Aoyama Gosho is the lucky dude who does.
Notes: Written during mini_wrimo 2016.
Summary: Atsushi may be a biologist, but it didn't make explaining death to his young daughter any easier.

[Ficlet #6: A Deadly Question]"Daddy, what happens when we die?"

Any father would find this a difficult question to tackle, and Atsushi, despite all his credentials and educational attainment, was no exception. In some ways, it was actually even more difficult for him to come up with a suitable response since, as a biologist, he did know the answer: the bitter, cold, mechanical truth of the cessation of all biochemical reactions and processes responsible for life and the nonexistence of an afterlife--the kind of answer you don't tell a five-year-old girl. Compared to this, defending his dissertation was an absolute piece of cake; he would have preferred to be grilled by a merciless panel of experts all over again than address his daughter's query head on.

". . . Go ask your mother."

Cliché, I know, but, as I've been struggling with this theme for so long, I'll take anything my muse throws at me. *is shot* I originally wrote Elena and Rei for this, but, then I wondered why didn't I use Akemi, her actual daughter, instead. Then, I switched Elena for Atsushi at the last minute because I think she would've explained it, anyway, and I couldn't possibly do that in five sentences. Ah, well, at least, I've managed to resume doing this challenge, I guess.