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February 2017

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Conan and Ai - Defend

A Bachelor's Life

Title: A Bachelor's Life
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Family and General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Character: Agasa Hiroshi, with mentions of Fusae Campbell/Kinoshita Fusae, Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho, the Black Organization, Miyano Atsushi, and the Detective Boys
Word Count: 694
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Doesn't have any plot at all, so if it's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip. Also contains mild spoilers for Agasa's First Love/Gingko-Colored First Love (Files 410-412/Volume 40, Files 7-9; Episodes 421-422).
Original Publish Date: January 10, 2013
Disclaimer: Fanfiction is essentially free advertising! Therefore, please don't sue me!
Notes: Written for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2012 per [personal profile] gladdecease's request! Asexuality/demisexuality and meta, I hope this "make[s you] happier than words can say" and, once again, thank you so, so, so much for the Kogorou/Eri fic you wrote me last year! Also written for manycases1truth's Challenge #79: Child(ren).
Summary: Agasa Hiroshi's thoughts and feelings regarding his bachelorhood.

Agasa Hiroshi had lived by himself most of his adult life, and he was all right with that. While, yes, his first love would occasionally pop into his mind, especially in the presence of gingko trees during the fall, he wasn't terribly miserable without her, either. Heck, he couldn't even remember her given name at all!

He didn't remain single all his life out of a loyal and everlasting love, as sweet and romantic as that would have been; he did so because he never felt any sort of attraction to anyone else, so why bother entering a relationship? For the sex, like many of his contemporaries? But he wasn't particularly interested in that, either; he had been too busy with his academics and, later on, his work as an inventor and game programmer.

Through the years, he had watched his peers, little by little, get engaged and married. He had been invited to all of their weddings, and he did not feel a single ounce of jealousy—well, okay, maybe a little. A lifelong companion would be nice, after all. However, he wasn't attracted to anyone romantically at the moment, so what can he do? It wouldn't be fair—not to mention ridiculous—to his future wife if he married her just for the sake of marrying.

So, he didn't. Instead, he babysat for his friends whenever the occasion arose. And he wouldn't just babysit them, he would take them places! He was especially fond of camping, though. Sometimes, after a day of fun in the woods, he would lie in his sleeping bag, about to go to sleep, when the realization struck him: he would probably never have children of his own. He was fine not having a wife, but the thought of not having his own kids was quite depressing. Always having to "borrow" other people's children . . .

That is, until little Shinichi-kun and Ran-kun would start squabbling about the existence of ghosts (or something similar), snapping the middle-aged man out of his reverie. And his longing would be forgotten until the next camping trip.

It was no surprise, then, that he had become particularly fond of his young charge, Haibara Ai (real name: Miyano Shiho), the not-girl he had taken in several months ago. While it was true they weren't biologically related (heck, she's not even adopted), it was the closest thing he had to having an actual daughter. Someone who actually lived with him and he could see everyday, seeing her having the childhood she never had and slowly opening up to others, what more can he ask for? (Well, except for the downfall of the Black Organization and the creation of the antidote, that is. That, and maybe if she didn't try to control his diet so much.)

Would she even take the antidote once the Organization has already been taken down? He couldn't say; it wasn't easy to get into her head, after all. Whatever her decision, however, he hoped their ties would not be severed at the end of it all. He wasn't expecting her to consider him as her own father (and he wouldn't dream of replacing his late friend, Atsushi!), although it would be nice if she thought of him as a trusted relative—a grandfather (he was old enough to be one, anyway), perhaps? Heck, even a distant relative would do just fine!

And the Detective Boys? Would they still be interested in visiting him and going places with him once Conan and/or Ai aren't around anymore? Do they even appreciate the things he does for them?

If the answer ends up being in the affirmative, then, he can truly say he wasn't alone anymore. And while not in the form of a girlfriend or a wife, he had his surrogate daughter (and her adventurous trio of friends). It didn't matter anymore even if they weren't his own flesh and blood; what he had right now was more than enough. He was absolutely fine with Kinoshita-san as somebody else's wife.

Though, it wouldn't stop him from thinking about her on those rare occasions. Especially if they involve gingko trees in autumn.

And thus ends my first fic that's longer than five sentences since 2009, yay! Professor Agasa definitely needs more love and, if he were an actual father, he'd be the best one in the series (not that Detective Conan has a lot of good-father figures to begin with, haha)! I was originally going to write an Agasa and Ai family fic, but it ended up going in this direction. /sweatdrops Oh, well, there’s always next time, I suppose.

That said, I'm not completely satisfied with this piece; I had to rush writing most of it in order to meet the deadline on [community profile] fandom_stocking (which you guys should totally join, it is an awesome community, and no one,
no one goes home empty handed, seriously!). (I didn't make it in time, by the way. /is shot) So, if there's anything to criticize, please, please please feel free to do so!

Hmm, now I feel the need to write Agasa/Fusae one of these days, so look out for it! Until next time!


♥ :)
♥ ♥ ♥

Professor Agasa-mun! I didn't expect you to be reading this! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much! I'm glad you loved the fic—the Professor needs more love, doesn't he? I'll try to write more of him in the future!

Great, now I'm beginning to miss roleplaying. . . . Then again, considering how horrible I am at tagging back quickly, I guess it's for the best. . . .
Good exploration of Agasa's character here. I like how he's not really attracted to anyone. It makes this fic really stand out from all the PWPs out there.

He really is a good father, but it's sad how bad some of the other fathers are. Though maybe we're not seeing the whole perspective on them? Maybe Yusaku has some secret reason for why he's not around that hasn't been revealed yet?

As for criticism, I'm not positive but it feels like the tenses keep changing. "If the answer ends up being in the affirmative, then, he can truly say he wasn't alone anymore." Should it be "isn't" instead of "wasn't", or am I completely off?
Good exploration of Agasa's character here. I like how he's not really attracted to anyone. It makes this fic really stand out from all the PWPs out there.

Thank you very much! ♥ I'm really glad you don't think he's out of character. To be honest, I never really thought of Professor Agasa as asexual or aromantic before writing this, but as I was writing it, it just makes so much sense! Think about it, the only time we see him think or mention Fusae was during that first-love case of his, and he doesn't seem to feel the need to have a wife or a girlfriend. (And he doesn't seem to be gay, either, har har.)

Last time I checked, however, PWP stands for "Porn Without Plot", and I don't think the term applies here. While yes, there's no plot, there's nothing pornographic about this piece, either, as asexuality is its core theme. Moreover, I've read plenty of fics that have neither plot nor porn, wherein characters are being contemplative about themselves, other characters, or about the world they live in. While not a popularly used term, I think the correct one would be "character study". TL;DR In other words, this fic isn't really all that original, but what the heck, there's not a lot of Professor Agasa stories out there, let alone ones themed around asexuality and aromanticism.

He really is a good father, but it's sad how bad some of the other fathers are. Though maybe we're not seeing the whole perspective on them? Maybe Yusaku has some secret reason for why he's not around that hasn't been revealed yet?

Yeah, it is. Kogorou's my favorite character and all, but he could certainly do better in the parenting department. I don't think he's completely terrible, though—why else would Eri let him have custody of their daughter? And Ran does seem to have grown up into a decent person so . . . One of these days, I'd like to try writing a story (or stories) about his struggles with single parenthood; Ran couldn't have been capable of taking care of herself and managing their household at the beginning, right?

As for Yuusaku, he's been nothing more than a troll the Conan version of Mycroft, canonically speaking. That said, I do think the reason he and Yukiko left for the US three years ago is plot related. (I find it highly suspicious that coincides with the time Sera moved to the US, though I've already been suspicious long before the character's introduction.) I can see this scenario happening at the end, to be honest: Yuusaku chides his son for taking so long since he'd already found out the Organization's secrets a long time ago. Shinichi then gets mad at his father for not saying anything, but then Yuusaku tells his son he would have told him had he not turned down his offer to help him. I've actually been contemplating on writing a fic series entitled How to Troll Your Son from A to Z. *blames hearing too many Trollsaku jokes on the DCW Podcast*

As for criticism, I'm not positive but it feels like the tenses keep changing. "If the answer ends up being in the affirmative, then, he can truly say he wasn't alone anymore." Should it be "isn't" instead of "wasn't", or am I completely off?

Thank you for pointing that out! My bad, I didn't think much about the parallelism of my tenses at all! *was too distracted about her worries about her usage of modals* I just used the present tense when something's currently happening, and the past tense when something's already occurred. (Took me a while to get this sentence to sound right, ugh.) I already put in your correction, and I'll try to have my tenses checked by someone (as I read this fic far too many times to catch errors). (Speaking of tenses, this reminds me of an idea I have for a Kogorou/Eri fic, with flashbacks of their real first date written in the past tense, while their "second" first date written in the present tense—a comparison and contrast of their past and present.)

Once again, thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! ♥ I really appreciate it, and I sincerely apologize for the late reply!
"It makes this fic really stand out from all the PWPs out there."

Sorry, I was actually trying to say that it's nice to have a fic that has an asexual character, considering all the fics about the characters only having sex. I just found out what PWP meant before posting my first comment, and they get on my nerves. It was a weird thing to say though. Sorry for the confusion!

Maybe Yuusaku is investigating the Black Org.'s overseas dealings? And all this stuff about "hiding from his editors" is actually his private code for staying ahead of the Black Org.? In that case, leaving Shinichi by himself would probably be in order to show the Black Org. that his son doesn't know anything. Yuusaku might have made a deal with the Black Org. that everyone plays by certain rules, and that he would do X if the Black Org. tries to use his son against him. Of course, then Shinichi went and got involved on his own...
Thank goodness it was all just a misunderstanding! It's kind of awkward for a fic about an asexual character to be compared to a PWP (though still sensible, as some asexuals do masturbate). Don't worry about it, though; it happens. *grins*

You know, I was actually quite worried that people would think of this fic as blasphemy, with Professor Agasa not really being in love with Fusae and all. And, yes, I'm not fond of PWPs, either. Heck, even when a story has a plot, I'm not that much of a fan of reading about characters having sex, especially if the sex adds nothing to the plot or character development and is simply written for the sake of giving the author and the readers sexual pleasure (which I can't even feel, given my asexuality). And if characters really must have sex, I'd rather not know about the details of the encounter. . . . I guess that's why works involving an asexual character mean a lot to us asexuals; it gives us representation in a world where people are supposed to be sexual beings.

Oh, wow, that scenario you described sounds awesome! ♥ I need to see fic for this! I'm not too sure about seeing it in canon, though, Yuusaku making a deal with the BO seems pretty farfetched—what's to stop the Org from just killing him? Unless Yuusaku is actually the boss . . . (If Yuusaku really does turn out to be the boss, I might just end up hating the series forever. So many years of my life, wasted . . .)
I'm terrible at getting my meanings across, it seems. :) By making a deal, I'm suggesting that Yuusaku said something like, "I'm going to keep investigating you, but I won't reveal certain information until I know enough to take you down completely. I have set things up so that, in the event of my death, everything I have collected will be released to every major law enforcement agency in every country you operate in. If you attempt to use my son against me, then again, I will release everything I have collected so far, and that will cause you quite a bit of damage even if it's not enough to take you down yet. It's in your best interests to let me live while you try to figure out how to stop all of my contingency plans."

Then it becomes a deadly game of Yuusaku investigating while trying to not let the Black Org know what he's doing or how much he knows. Meanwhile, the Black Org. is attempting to prevent Yuusaku from learning any more while they try to figure out how to eliminate all of his contingency plans so that they can kill him. Unfortunately for the Black Org., Yuusaku is a logical genius with contacts all over the world that he can legitimately meet with in his persona as a famous author so figuring out his contingency plans is a nightmare.
Or maybe I'm not as fluent in English as I thought. *not my native language*

I heartily approve of this. ♥ It'd be great if someone wrote a fic regarding this scenario or, even better, if this would happen in canon!
I keep rereading this, trying to find something to comment coherently on, but I always end up just sighing happily to myself and smiling. But here goes one last try...

I love this peek into Agasa's life, and his satisfaction with things as they are. It may not be standard or expected, but it's his, and makes him happy!

I really do enjoy the whole feel of this piece, too, not just the topic! The tone of the fic is contemplative and content, and that last paragraph is especially evocative of a feeling of fond nostalgia. It's just... really feel-good, if you will. A story it'll be nice to come back to when I'm not feeling so good, I suspect.

Thank you once again for writing this for me! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and you for doing it. ♥
As no one else's opinion matters more than yours (I'd written this for you, after all), I'm really, truly flattered that the fic I wrote for you made you so happy. *blushes* It really is the highest compliment a fic writer could ever receive; thank you for that. (And I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who keeps rereading her favorite fics from time to time.)

To be honest, I was expecting a backlash from the sexuals and the romantics, you know, with Professor Agasa as not really in love with Fusae—what blasphemy! Heck, I never really thought of him as asexual or aromantic before your fic but, as I was writing it, it just makes so much sense! I mean, other that first-love case of his, we don't see him think about her at all! And he really does seem happy with his life, too! (An example of the opposite is Kogorou: He's pretty much a wreck without Eri, even if he refuses to admit it. . . .) Though, I will admit I was nervous people would think I wrote him as out of character. Thankfully, no one has mentioned anything about it yet, and I met another asexual/aromantic on FF.N as well! (That said, I am still a bit concerned that a religious friend of mine, who usually comments on my fics, hasn't done so yet; I think the words "Asexuality/demisexuality" scared her away. Now that I think about it, I wonder what religious people think of asexuality and demisexuality. . . .)

After this kind of response from you, I really feel like I need to write more of this kind of fic. *makes a mental note to create an "!asexual/demisexual/aromantic fics" tag* Asexuals, demisexuals, and romantics need to have a voice, too! (If you want, if I write more of such fic, I could send you a message~)

The way you wrote this comment reminded me of the way my youngest sister, moonlitdawn, used to write reviews of my fic back when she was still into fandom and LJ. So nostalgic~ ♥

You know, I get the impression your asexuality means a big deal to you. (I honestly doubt sexuals and romantics would see this fic the way you do.) Here in the Philippines, where I'm from, sexual modesty is still seen as a virtue, so it's easier to be an asexual in that regard. However, there's still this stigma against people who never get married or have children, so I imagine when I'm older and my parents start bugging me to start a family, that's when the struggles truly begin. Actually, the dinner before I wrote most of your fic, my mom was dissing on the single life, which frustrated me quite a bit. (To be fair, though, it was part of a conversation where she comforts one of my sisters' mishaps in the love department.) And a few days before that, she was (backstabbing?) saying how one of her managers was boring because she was single, grr. Fuel for writing this fic, I suppose?

Once again, you are very welcome! This little incident in my life gives so much truth to the adage, "It's better to give than to receive"; I'm really glad I had the chance to work on this, even as I missed out on the deadline for my own stocking!

I'll try to get back to your comment on DW as soon as possible, I promise! Here's to more fun discussions! *grins*

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Aw, I really liked this look at Dr. Agasa's life and psychology, I loved his thoughts and the way Ai and the Detective Boys add so much to his life. And the little flashback to Shinichi and Ran bickering! So cute!