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February 2017

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Kogoro and Eri - Memories Live On, Memories Live On (Kogoro/Eri)

Overdue (Five Sentence Ficlets: Detective Conan)

Title: Overdue
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Humor, Family, General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Claim: General Series – Kisaki Eri and Mouri Ran
Table/Theme: Table 1, Theme 14 – Stay with me
Rating: G
Word Count: 187
Original Publish Date: May 7, 2011
Disclaimer: I don't—and never will—own Detective Conan, no matter how many characters from the series I claim in various blogcrews. Aoyama Gosho is the lucky dude who does.
Notes: Set some months after the Kogoro/Eri case (Files 1-3) in Volume 27.
Summary: Eri had her daughter's MD for far too long now.

It seemed nothing more than the usual phone call from her daughter: Ran telling her about the latest happenings in her life, chattering with pride about her father's latest cases, asking her when will she finally come home, but then . . .

"Say, Mom,"—there was a momentary pause—"when are you going to give back my MD? You've had it for months!"

"Oh, is that so?"—Eri's eyes widened in surprise; she hated to admit it, but her daughter was right—"How about I get you a new one, then? There's a song in there which I really love listening to very much." Sans the slight blushing, she said those words with a hint of nonchalance; it shouldn't be too hard to get a replacement, right?

"Really?" replied Ran, her interest piqued, "Which song is that?"

The seasoned—not to mention undefeated—defense lawyer found herself stammerring and blushing furiously; it's a good thing they weren't talking face to face; she didn't have any choice now: "Ah, Ran, I have to go now; a client of mine is coming over in a few minutes—bye!"

Considering how I constantly reread the case from which this little slice of fic was inspired from, I can't believe I only came up with the idea just recently! And yeah, it's a weird interpretation of the theme, but I couldn't find any other that would suit the fic better!

Oh yeah, I'm offering fics again at help_japan (here) and helpthesouth (here). If you are able to, please do support them!

It's a day in advance, but have a great Mother's Day, everyone! Until next time!


Hiya! Just wanted to say this little fic is sweet, largely because it's realistic. Eri would more likely find an excuse to get off the phone than confess the real reason she's keeping the MD. Nice job!
ZOMG, a comment on this journal that isn't spam in ages—and it's from you! ♥ Screw not being a fan of physical contact in real life . . . *clings to you like whoa* It's been so long; I've missed you! (Why is it that we usually get in contact mostly during the middle of the year?! That is so sad!)

That said, haven't you reviewed this fic before in FF.N? *checks* Yup, I was right, and, this was what you said: "That was a cute ficlet! It was subtle, in character, and fit the theme well. Keep it up!"

Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed it (again, LOL)! Thank you! Yeah, I imagine Eri would rather be struck dead by lightning than outright admit she still loves her husband. I swear, were it not for the abundance of plot lately, I'd totally be griping about the lack of Kogoro/Eri cases for almost three years! Then again, if Takagi/Satou fans can wait for four years between Kiss #1 and Kiss #2, I guess I can wait another year. (Plus, I'm secretly hoping for one immediately after Bourbon arc in order to be consistent with "arc climaxes are usually preceeded or followed by Kogoro/Eri cases"; their separation being plot related is one of my favorite "conspiracy" theories. I only wish there was actual evidence to support other than these patterns—patterns which could simply just be coincidental—I've been seeing in the manga.)

. . . and now I feel guilty since you've gone through the effort of visiting this fic journal of mine, and, I haven't posted anything new! *hangs head in shame* I suppose it's not really an excuse, but, writing fic in Notepad (and HTML) is an utter pain, though I've written a rough first draft of a Heiji/Kazuha fic on paper, as well as a bit of a Kogoro/Eri fic and a fic lampooning at the number of times Professor Agasa's Beetle has broken down. My old laptop died a year ago, you see, and, when it got resurrected fixed, Microsoft Office, including Word, was gone! And then it died again a few months later, sigh. But I just got a new laptop a little over a week ago, and, it has Micrsoft Word Starter 2010! Granted, it's not the full program and it shows ads, but, I'm just happy to have a decent word processor with a word count feature again! Hopefully I'll get back to writing soon, that is, if procrastination doesn't get the best of me. *is shot*

By the way, are you the same RanMouri82 as the one who newly signed up the DCTP forums because of the terrible news that has recently befallen the Conan community? While I do think the answer's highly likely to be in the affirmative, I just needed to be really sure since a lot of people on that forum are named after Ran.

. . . why is it it's so easy for me to go all TL;DR in comments and e-mails (how do you put up with me?) and yet be too intimidated and shy to join the DCTP fourms? I'm such a sad, sad stalker lurker. . . .
Oh, you~ I missed you more! (Too true.)

ROFL! I don't keep track of half the stuff I write online. When was that, anyway? (Your skills are impressive.) In fact, I just reviewed someone's DC/MK crossover with Madoka Magica in two places because they posted the link to AO3 in MC1T. The fic's awesomeness merited it. I'll give you double kudos any time.

"I swear, were it not for the abundance of plot lately, I'd totally be griping about the lack of Kogoro/Eri cases for almost three years!" Yes, yes, and yes. Maybe Aoyama thinks it's too early to keep going with them because they're close to reuniting and, in DC, Status Quo Is God.

No need to feel guilty, ever! You've written a lot that I still need to check out. You even did some fic challenges, right? And I had zero inspiration to write fic in ages, so I didn't. I think I can get overwhelmed fast; that's why I'm more inclined to one-shots. But! Since I just finished the first draft of a new fic, all that's left is some heavy revision before posting~

"But I just got a new laptop a little over a week ago, and, it has Microsoft Word Starter 2010!" Congratulations! *tosses party streamers* Computer wonkiness is an excellent excuse, though it's not like you need one. It's a huge pain to rely on basic word processing programs and handwritten drafts. I've got Word Starter, too, and you're right, it's worth the ads. On my old laptop, I had an older starter version that was ad-free, but wouldn't allow me to save anything without paying for the full version. Grr.

Yes, I'm RanMouri82! I would've been that on LJ, too, but for some reason I went with "ran_mouri82". Something about LJ naming conventions? Or RanMouri82 was taken? I don't remember. It was so long ago! (Ack! Nearly a decade ago.) I'd heard of the DCTP forums over the years, but my former obsession with the [adult swim] boards (while dubbed!DC was airing) burned me out from message boards until last week, when I watched DCTP's sub of the London arc. (Squee! As awesome as that moment was in the manga, it was so gratifying to hear Shin'ichi say it~!) And then the DCTP crisis happened.

No need to be ashamed about that. Maybe it can feel like there are different kinds of online exposure. It's one thing to have a blog where people might visit, but another to post on a forum where lots of people are obviously mingling. And it's not a matter of putting up with you since we're friends. :)